Dentures - What you need to know

Dentures are removable appliances, which replace your missing teeth and the surrounding tissues.  You may require a partial denture or a full denture, depending on the number of your own teeth that are still present.

If you require a full denture, they can be ‘conventional’ where you have a period without teeth or ‘immediate’ where the dentures are made to be inserted immediately.  Our highly experienced dental prosthetist can provide you with all the information and advice to help determine the best solution for you.

Our denture treatment starts with a thorough examination of any remaining natural teeth, gums and soft tissues.  Then the process of making a series of impressions of your jaw begins.  The next step involves creating a trial wax model of your new denture for you to try, before we go on to make up your denture appliance.

In the initial stages of fitting your new denture, we may need to see you a few times to make any further adjustments to ensure it is fitting properly and is comfortable to wear.  As your mouth naturally changes over time and can be affected by other medical/ health conditions, we recommend you visit us for a review on a regular basis to ensure they are still fitting properly.  We will be happy to discuss with you any additional care required to maintain good oral health.

PLEASE NOTE: Dental health insurance plans vary widely – If you have a health insurance provider, please check with them to determine the cover available for dentures under your policy.