Dental Prosthetics - Sunshine Coast

Brian Stuart – Nairne Denture Clinic aims to provide affordable, personalized denture services and patient care that is delivered with respect to all clients. Having been established for over 25 years, Brian Stuart – Nairne Clinic has a wealth of experience in delivering service which is guaranteed to satisfy.

Constructing a dental prosthesis is an art that requires patience, precision and practice. We want our patients to look their best and smile with confidence, which is why our prosthetist take great care to make each clients dentures their very own.

With modern advancements in technology and dentistry techniques the cost of cosmetic dentistry as well as the cost of dental implants and total smile makeovers have become more and more affordable for everyone to enjoy a great smile.

The most significant change in the costs of dental treatment has been in the prices of smile makeovers with full set replacement teeth on dental implants , for those who seek an alternative to dentures, or who have deteriorating teeth and want to avoid wearing a plate. Such treatments are day-to-day occurrences in our clinic, and give a new start for many: from young adults with gum disease or who wore scars of their adolescent drug and alcohol abuse in their deteriorated teeth to mature adults in their late 80’s who can finally get rid of their loose dentures; and from the suburban housewife who neglected her teeth raising children, to successful businessmen and celebrities.